SERVTRAC® Mobile is a key component of SERVTRAC® FSM that delivers significant increases to productivity at all levels of the business. SERVTRAC® Mobile provides technicians real-time access to vital information over a digital network, allowing them to perform service work correctly and efficiently while improving customer satisfaction.

With SERVTRAC®, service companies can:

  • Monitor the location of technicians in the field with integration to third party GPS Services
  • Eliminate unnecessary communication between technicians and office staff
  • Improve route optimization, scheduling and first time fix rates
  • Reduce redundancy in data entry, eliminate lost tickets, and improve accuracy
  • Eliminate unnecessary paperwork
  • Improve cash flow by accelerating billing cycles
Mobile Scheduling

Reduce calls between the call center and technicians while increasing productivity and customer satisfaction.

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Mobile Scheduling

  • Technicians receive assigned call list electronically on mobile devices
  • Call information includes easy-to-read customer addresses, driving directions, scheduled times, and the information necessary to complete the job
    • Service contract terms and warranty coverage information
    • Memos can be exchanged between the dispatcher the technician
    • Customer information and Equipment History


Mobile Scheduling

  • Real-time data exchange of field service activity
    • Changes to the schedule flow automatically to the technician
    • Technician dispatch, arrival, and completion times flow back to the main server
  • Technicians can access problem codes and remedies to reduce inefficiency


Mobile Scheduling

  • Call Mapping for efficient routing of service calls
  • Technicians calls are plotted on the map
Mobile Invoicing

Reduce administrative overhead associated with processing work orders and invoices. Maximize order-to-cash cycles.

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Mobile Invoicing

  • Invoice can be generated based on call type – warranty, contract, billable, or other user-defined invoice types
  • Record time, expenses, and parts used for billing
  • Records problem codes, remedy codes and notes on the invoice


Mobile Invoicing

  • Canned notes as well as custom notes can be added on the invoice
  • Allow technicians to generate new work orders in the field


Mobile Invoicing

  • Record credit card payments
  • Store customer signatures with the invoice data on the server
  • Protect your customer’s private information by encrypting payment information
Mobile Inventory

Real-time data synchronization provides technicians parts availability and customer negotiated pricing to ensure work-order and invoice accuracy. Technicians can view inventory by customer, model, technician, company or by all warehouses. Technicians have ability to transfer items between service vehicles, record parts usage during a call or order inventory items needed to complete a call.



Mobile Inventory

  • Visibility into inventory availability and pricing for truck stock, warehouse, or other technician’s trucks
  • Perform inventory transfers
  • Requisition parts that need to be ordered
  • Real time updates to inventory for parts used in service orders